How to Uninstall Programs

How to Uninstall Programs

How to Uninstall Programs and Remove Corrupted Files

Many people like to install a number of programs on their computers because they are quite useful, however, you have to be extremely careful when installing programs. One of the most common programs that is installed on the computers of many computer users is the Microsoft office program. This is used by millions of people worldwide and therefore, it is inevitable that it would cause errors on the system. A large number of users have reported a large number of problems that occur while using this program. Therefore, all those who use it should uninstall it immediately.

However, doing this can be a very difficult task, especially when you would need to uninstall Microsoft office. Because this is the most widely used program on the windows operating system, it is notorious for causing a lot of problems on the system leading to a slow speed of the computer. If you are a person who uses the computer to perform a variety of tasks and you would need to perform the removal manually, then you would need to do it very carefully. There are some things that you need to take into consideration while taking the removal action.

The first thing that you need to do is to remove all the related process that will automatically load every time your computer starts up. This is usually performed by the Microsoft Windows service and can be found in the Task Manager tab. Another option is to press the keys Ctrl+Alt+Delete which will open up the Task Manager tab and the Processes tab. From here, you can right click on the process and click the “End Process” button to kill the process and temporarily stop it.

However, removing the Microsoft Windows service greatly affects your system, especially if you are still using an earlier version of Windows and has a lot of programs and files that will start automatically.

The second thing you need to do when doing the removal is to remove all the related registry entries. This is also the main cause of the problem and all the non-working programs and files that start normally when you turn on your computer can be removed. However, the registry is a very complicated part of the operating system and cleaning it manually is very tough. If you badly cut or miss some files, you could possibly make the situation worse.

The easiest way to completely uninstall Microsoft Office 2003 is to use a good removal tool that will automatically scan and remove all the matter stored in it. When searching the internet, you may find some free msgo removal software but they do not work all that well, and sometimes they may even contain hidden viruses. You should purchase legitimate software instead of using the free ones: the paid ones are usually more effective in completely removing the programs from your computer. You can visit the websites that offer free uninstall software and download it. After downloading it, run the installation and the setup and you are ready to go.

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When uninstalling Microsoft office online, you should keep in mind that the product information including the manual are not downloaded separately. You should download the product from the official Microsoft website and the technical support will be provided once the Office 2003 has been completely removed from your computer.

If you have already purchased the product, you can download the uninstall tool from the office 2003 products page.

B) How to completely install Microsoft office 2003

Once the software has been completely installed, you can go ahead and open the program. The installation process will automatically restart your computer. If there are any problems during installation, press F1 on your keyboard to search for help.

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If you have downloaded the Office 2003 elsewhere, you should enter the product key when prompted. You simply click continue once the installation has been completed and the setup screen will appear. Click the “install” button and the software will be removed. Take note that SW automatically delete all files associated to it whether they are in the Program Files or your Internet folder.